At GSC, we believe that a team-based approach to create a grand strategy for clients is the foundation for providing the highest-quality customer service. We will work with you and your other professional advisors (accountants, attorneys, insurance agents) to understand your goals and create a customized solution for your wealth management needs.

Questions we address with our clients may include:

  • When can you retire and not outlive your resources, and what can you afford for living expenses in retirement?
  • Is your investment plan structured properly for your personal needs? Does it address market volatility?
  • Do you have the necessary insurance policies in place to protect you and your family?
  • Can you afford college savings for your children, grandchildren, and a comfortable retirement?
  • Do you have a plan for the special needs of a child or heir?
  • Have you prepared for medical expenses in retirement?
  • Do you require special planning to minimize estate taxes?
  • Do you wish to leave a legacy to an institution that impacted your life?
  • What happens when you sell your business? What happens if you are unable to continue operating your business?
  • How can you save more personally and/or through your business for retirement?