Investment Management

GSC offers individualized investment management services. Our disciplined process enables us to develop a strategy tailored to you with consideration given to your age, time horizon, retirement planning needs, specific goals, or other personal requirements. We construct well-diversified investment portfolios designed to maximize risk-adjusted returns. Our investment philosophy emphasizes the importance of asset allocation, long-term strategic focus, rigorous due diligence of investment securities and outside managers, minimization of costs and taxes, and ongoing performance evaluation. Our investment management committee meets regularly to review all elements of our investment philosophy and to establish our current investment management strategy. This strategy is directly implemented into your investment portfolio.

Additionally, each investment management client receives a customized Investment Policy Statement ("IPS") clearly defining the management approach and administration of the investment portfolio. The IPS profiles important client data, outlines specific goals and objectives, describes a risk tolerance, specifies the target asset allocation policy, identifies personal restrictions and constraints, establishes appropriate benchmarks for evaluating performance, and defines the roles and responsibilities of GSC and/or other specified parties. The IPS should be reviewed regularly to properly reflect any necessary alterations.

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. has been selected as our primary custodian. However, we also recognize that other custodians might be appropriate due to unique offerings or a client's specific situation, so our technology platform allows us to accommodate such a need if requested or required.